Ambrosia was started in 1995 in a kitchen at home by Ritu Gupta, a self-taught chef, to further her natural flair and love for baking. What started then by making desserts for friends and family, has now taken shape of a home bakery, known to serve the most delectable desserts in town.

From introducing ice-cream cakes to the city, to baking popular favorites like the red velvet cake, as well as always experimenting with new recipes like the cheesecake brownie, anything out of the Ambrosia oven is an attempt to charm palates.

After 20 years of Ambrosia working its sweet charm, the current generation stepped in- Le Corden Bleu pastry chef, Radhika Gupta, adding to the zestĀ of the label. With her interesting take on classic desserts, flair for new combinations and a beautiful mix between the old and new, she’s raising the bar and taking Ambrosia to new places, with a cherry on top!