The Plight of The Pilgrim

The Plight of The Pilgrim
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August 2015 by KDP

Writers write to satisfy the creative urge that erupts within them; they publish, on the other hand for many reasons. Some to satiate and fill their egos, some to improve (and write more) while some only want themselves to be read by others. Myself on the other hand, I confess that I write and publish for a bit of all of the above. This eBook is actually the result of putting together some of the short stories I wrote since I first started writing. This is my first attempt at publishing an eBook (or any book for that matter!). In addition, without the help of some people I could never have done it. First and foremost, I want to thank my mother for her dedication and sincerity in me; she never ceased to believe in me. I am here because of her. My father, though second in the list have equal claim over me. He was my spine during all these years and supported immensely with my writing pursuits with much élan. I am desperately trying to prove that his efforts did not go in vain. My grandmother for inculcating the easy method of storytelling and for her love off course.

Lastly, my friends who have been my lighthouses in the stormy seas, I owe them a lot, more than I could ever repay. Especially my dear friend Monojit Dutta who designed the magnificent cover for this book and Harika Bantupalli for her sheer brilliant editing. Without them all, writing “The Plight of the Pilgrim” would’ve been a real plight! To my readers, I would like to say, this is my first eBook so it is only natural that my writing has issues (lots of it!). However, humility is a writer’s best shield and I am always open to constructive criticism.

Feel free to reach me through any of the means mentioned above! The book contains 12 shot stories on various genres ranging from horror to romance to contemporary and drama. This is the first eBook by the writer, therefore constructive criticism is highly sought after. Following are the stories mentioned in serial order- Index:- 1. Freak Show 2. Happy Mother’s Day 3. Lovelorn 4. Choice 5. Appu 6. Libido 7. The White Calf 8. Jaded Dreams 9. Time 10. The Crimson Diaries 11. Vhridhashram 12. Victor