Motivational Sales Poetry Volume 1: From Prisms to Wavy Lines

Motivational Sales Poetry  Volume 1: From Prisms to Wavy Lines
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November 7th 2014 by Jordan Press

The return on investment on this book is almost incalculable because it delivers a dose of Positive Mental Attitude on demand, whenever it is needed. A positive mental attitude translates to enjoying work, more sales and higher commissions. Imagine these two scenarios: 1.

It's been a hard day, a rough week. You haven't closed a sale and you're afraid you're about to go into a slump. You pick up Motivational Sales Poetry and read a short poem. A smile crosses your face as you realize what you need to do to close that big sale. Instead of going into a slump, you pick up the phone ask your prospect a simple question, listen to the answer and then ask for the sale. Your prospect becomes a client and you earn a sizable commission. You celebrate by going to your favorite coffee house and getting a latte, and you think, "Thank God I read that poem, it really changed my attitude. I'm going to have a great week." What's that worth to you? 2.

Your sales team just seems to lack energy and drive. You're going into a sales meeting and you need to motivate them. You pick up Motivational Sales Poetry and read this poem to them: WAITING FOR A BIG DEAL TO CLOSE I reach for the phone but know better Pushing won’t help I’ve done all I can The best thing to do is to find new prospects. Who knows? One might make my “Big Deal” look small. Then you ask your sales team, "What do you think?" For the next twenty minutes your sales team talks about the value of prospecting, and they are jazzed. You smile because you know everyone in that room is going to beat quota. How much is that experience worth? Certainly more than the cost of this book. Inspiration, enthusiasm and sincerity are three keys to success in selling, and this book of poetry delivers all of them. In Motivational Sales Poetry, I have made myself vulnerable and because it exposes my sales soul, this gem of a book has the power to instill pride in the profession of selling, provide personal inspiration, elicit smiles and help salespeople get through days when the world appears gray. If you are a salesperson, manage salespeople, or you want to buy a gift for someone who sells for a living buy this book--right now. Don't delay.

On days when motivation for prospecting is hard to come by, reading one of my poems like “The Pipeline” or “Slumps” you can put things into perspective and encourage yourself to prospect. Pick up the phone and call any good salesperson. Read them this poem and ask them, "How do you feel about it?" SLUMPS It’s a kick, making a sale a natural high almost narcotic Slumps steal that high sap my energy make me wonder, doubt Activity doing something anything pays off. You can sense the emotional boosts and sales insights just from reading the titles. * A Superb Salesperson * Listening Means * Disturb and Resolve * Waiting for a Big Deal to Close * Slumps * The Pipeline * Labels * Going too Far * Breathe Deeply * Sales is Mental Work * Oppositional * High Hopes * Timing can be Everything * For Best Results * To Achieve a Breakthrough * The Difference Between * Selling is a Process * Outdated? * Enthusiasm If you’re a salesperson and you want to have fun, and make additional sales, discuss one or two of the poems in it with your customers and prospects. This will give your clientele an opportunity to learn more about you as a human being, and that almost always leads to additional sales. If you're a salesperson, you need this book to help your celebrate what you do for your customers and inoculate yourself against negativity. Sales Managers need the book to motivate their sales force. Note: The poems in this book are also included in Persuasion Magic