Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series

Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series
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April 9th 2013 by Argus Enterprises International, Incorporated

It is the end of the year 2015. World governments are on the precipice of total war. The United States has become a socialist state - part of a "One World Order." Global economies are falling apart. Politicians attempt to create a significant revenue source by correlating a pseudo-scientific theory about global warming theory to the burning of carbon-based fuels. A carbon tax is imposed, pleasing those in power. The unending cataclysmic series of events further destroys the once vigorous monetary systems of the world. Healthcare in the United States becomes state-run. Physicians are forced to leave their practices. the once enlarging group of senior citizens begins to dwindle as a result of government panels assigned to assure "financial expediency" in the allocation of certain medications, procedures and studies. In reality this creates Death Panels. The world is awakened to the arrival of a group of extra-terrestrials who claim to be man's Creators, angered by current state of affairs. They bring a new form of energy which they share with only governments that have been in compliance with the original laws handed down to Moses. Other nations revolt.

A group known as the "Annunaki" - or errant angels - arrives and foments the mixture to the boiling point which explodes over the nation of Israel.