Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain
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March 10th 2014 by Telemachus Press

Iron Mountain continues the story of a teen surviving the breakdown of the USA after a massive terrorist attack. Along with his family, Jim must escape a disintegrating West Coast that is descending further into chaos as people try to escape nuclear & biological attacks. The military has sealed off zones to prevent the spread of infection & desperate refugees begin fighting their way thru roadblocks to reach safety. Rioting, anarchy & destruction spread like wildfire. The national guard is tasked with saving refugees, quarantining the infected, searching for the guilty & restoring order. The combination of attacks, infection & circumstances have them fighting a losing battle. Survivors & refugees struggle to survive. Each family, each person, must find their own food, shelter & safety. The military sets up refugee camps in California. This drops normal, middle-class people into the third world, forcing them to share space with other survivors, infected people, even terrorists. The ocean provides refuge for Jim again, but the new faces they meet might be helpful friends or deadly enemies. Because of the emergency, some who believe in conspiracy theories see this as the disaster they've been waiting for all along.

They form their own paramilitary groups & execute their own plan to restore order. This, unfortunately, allows old hatreds to fester & flourish. Jim’s search for a safe place in a dangerous world will uncover desperate choices & painful truths. Neighborhoods can become war zones, men can become monsters & kids can become heroes. Jim might survive, but nothing will be the same.