I Triggered Her Bully (Kindle Single)

I Triggered Her Bully (Kindle Single)
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March 10th 2014

Cindy Caponera, an alum from Chicago’s famed Second City is a veteran comedy writer and performer whose work has graced TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, Shame, and Nurse Jackie. Now she has published this collection of hilarious and poignant personal essays, drawing from her roots deep in the South Side of Chicago, and her life as a writer in New York and Hollywood.

Says friend and fan Adam McKay, “I have known Cindy Caponera since we were both hired as writers at Saturday Night Live back in 1995. … new writers and actors scanning the room to see who would rise to the top and most importantly of all: who was the funniest. And right away you couldn't help but notice Cindy . . . Cindy's stories are always touching and funny as hell. They take you through a working class All in the Family slash Bruce Springsteen slash Honeymooners world with dysfunction, lots of food, and legendary neighborhood fights all given their proper due.” Caponera writes with fear honesty and wicked wit.

In the title story, I Triggered Her Bully she renders a vivid portrait of a family and neighborhood with loving, troubled, and hilarious turns. Whether describing her family’s dysfunction or the perils of dating, her stories will stick with you, like those pop songs from the ‘70s she loves so much.