The Beast's Desire 1-3

The Beast's Desire 1-3
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November 5th 2012

The Beast's Desire 1-3 is the complete collection of the erotic Beast Lust Series.

While Chloe Sanders is collecting unusual samples from the forest for research, she finds an even bigger biological anomaly waiting for her. An elusive Bigfoot has the hots for Chloe and she finds herself unable to resist the sexual advances of the ape-man and his brother - especially after they find her alone and naked. Chloe learns that not only Bigfoot has made his home in Apple Creek, but also several different species of were-animals live in the forest preserve. The shifters' very existence is at stake and tensions run high as Chloe tries to flee from the control the Bigfoot brothers have over her. Will they force her to mate with them? Allow her to leave in peace? Read this erotic series to find out what happens when a normal woman discovers the strange world of the shifters of Apple Creek. This mini-series is approximately 26,000 words. This book contains descriptive sex with Bigfoot/monster sex, oral sex, a marathon threesome, sex with shifters, hot sex with two brothers and more! May require a cold shower or additional relief after reading! Adult 18+.