Canyon Shadows

Canyon Shadows
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April 2010 by Blue Feather Books

Archaeologists Kim Blair and PJ Curtis, newly married both in ancient days (thanks to time travel) and in modern times, are eager for some privacy and relaxation. They set up housekeeping on Kim's ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Though idyllic in nearly every way, their domestic bliss becomes tedious, and the Land of Enchantment seems too tame after the action-packed adventures Kim and PJ experienced in Arizona, Wales, and Greece. Then a visit from an Amazon spirit guide forces them to refocus on their destiny and warns them of unexpected danger and heartache. While PJ is away on a business trip, someone breaks into the house on the ranch. Kim's trusted wolf-dog, Pup, is injured and Kim disappears. Few clues exist, but PJ finds the one most likely to reunite her with her beloved Kim. PJ must risk everything to rescue her spouse from a desolate canyon hideaway. In this fourth book of the West and Welsh "Shadow" series, Amazon shaman meets Navajo medicine woman in a gripping saga.

PJ and Kim combat unspeakable evil, face overwhelming physical and mental pain, and strive valiantly to restore the harmony they so treasure. They've said they'll love each other forever and always, but just how long is that? The answer is a matter of life or death and lies in the Canyon Shadows.