The Official NHL Hockey Treasures, Centennial Edition

The Official NHL Hockey Treasures, Centennial Edition
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November 1st 2017 by Carlton Books

Hockey’s long and colourful history deserves special treatment and this is the perfect way of displaying it. Published to coincide with and celebrate the centenary of the National Hockey League, this fully revised and updated edition—in a brand new format—of The Official NHL Hockey Treasures tells the rich and fascinating history of hockey through hundreds of photographs and an exhaustively researched and lucid text. The origin and evolution of hockey, especially the professional game in North America are explored, as are the great players, famous games and illustrious teams. But where this title really scores is through its awe-inspiring collection of 25 items of facsimile memorabilia, which have been inserted into four printed bags affixed inside the book. These documents have all been reproduced in such a way that you will feel as if you have the very originals in your hand. The artefacts include 90-yearold newspaper reports from the NHL’s first games, letters from the President of the NHL, player contracts—including Gordie Howe’s deal to play with his two sons on the Hartford Whalers—collectible hockey cards, and much, much more. Divided into eight sections, The Official NHL Hockey Treasures offers a refreshing perspective of this fast-moving and thrilling sport through—simultaneously—historical narrative and features. This beautiful volume is something hockey fans will treasure forever.