The Necromancer's Grimoire

The Necromancer's Grimoire
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March 7th 2013 by Knox Robinson Publishing

The story of Nadira The Reader continues in Book Two of the Elysium Texts series. At the dawn of the Renaissance a young woman finds herself in the midst of a clash of cultures. Nadira has earned her place in the company of adventurers traveling to Istanbul to uncover something the Templar Knights lost 200 years before. She brings with her the knowledge and skills she acquired from reading the Hermetica of Elysium and learns that she is the key the Templars need to unlock their past. She is on her own quest to discover the source of the strange voice that spoke to her from the Hermetica. She has been instructed to travel to Eleusis to study with the last priestess of the old religion.

Lord Montrose becomes impatient with the Brotherhood’s mission. He is eager to turn his attention to seeking out and punishing his brother’s murderers who sail the Mediterranean hunting heretical manuscripts. Friar William is in the throes of doubt as his faith is challenged by what he has learned from the alchemists. The Templars have not been entirely honest with her, and when she realizes what it is they are after she is horrified to learn that not all knowledge brings a clear light to the mind.

There is some knowledge that darkens the soul and clouds the spirit. What they want from her is no than the harrowing of hell. Nadira is told she must find and read the Necromancer’s Grimoire.