The Placebo Cure: And Other Mind Body Effects

The Placebo Cure: And Other Mind Body Effects
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January 29th 2016 by Uwe Heiss

In every moment of our life, mind and body interact in a myriad of subtle ways.

Yet, our perception of this dynamic is rather crude: we either believe our mind has absolute control over our body, for example when I reach for the coffee mug, or we believe we do not have any body control at all, for example when the body produces symptoms. Recently, however, scientists from various disciplines have conducted insightful studies showing that the sensations of our mind, such as thoughts, emotions, and complex experiences, can affect our health in very specific ways. The skillful design of experiences is now being recognized as a valid field of research for restoring and maintaining health. In The Placebo Cure, the scientist turned entrepreneur Uwe Heiss shares with us what he learned form Quantified Self experiments and from encounters with physicians, patients, meditators, Silicon Valley innovators, placebo researchers. He also draws from 20 years of experience with launching healthcare startups focused on patient empowerment. The Placebo Cure shows us the immense potential offered by intentionally designed experiences to affect our mind and health. With a mission of healthcare transformation at its core, The Placebo Cure aims to bring about a paradigm shift that redefines how we will relate to patients and to ourselves and expands the scope of medicine beyond the conventional scalpel and biochemical drug.