The Highlander's Huntress (Romance in the Highlands Book 4)

The Highlander's Huntress (Romance in the Highlands Book 4)
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December 18th 2017

Isla Campbell likes nothing more than being out in the bracing wind and snow of the highlands, hunting or practicing her skills with a dagger. Finlay MacGregor has spent most of his adult years as a warrior, fighting for his King or his clan, sating his appetites with tavern wenches and enjoying a wager with his friends. Then one day, Finlay’s friend Malcolm MacGregor challenges him to a wager, but laughingly refuses to tell him the penalty if he loses.

Confident, Finlay agrees… but when he does indeed lose, finds that his task is to escort Malcolm’s headstrong sister, Isla, on one last hunting trip before she has to face the distasteful task of choosing a suitor. With bad grace, Finlay takes Isla out hunting, but after an accident ends up recuperating in the Campbell keep.

Isla is his unwilling nurse, and although both feel the flames of attraction, they battle each other as much as his wound. It seems that they are fated to remain apart. In a final showdown, Finlay has to prove himself worthy of his wild huntress. But can he give up his warrior’s lifestyle?