A Sweet Romance: Book 2: Adventures in Dating and Desserts

A Sweet Romance: Book 2: Adventures in Dating and Desserts
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July 17th 2015 by HCP Publishing

Can this girl from a little mining town in the west find happiness . . . oh, no, that’s a different soap opera. In this romantic cookbook, or is it a cookbook romance? At any rate, A Sweet Romance, Melody Martin isn’t Our Gal Sunday and she isn’t looking for a titled Englishman, just a nice guy, make that a silver fox, to appreciate a newly blond, recently svelte, smart, savvy sixty-something city gal—whoops, don’t call her gal, groovy grandmother to have some fun with and appreciate her considerable kitchen skills as evident by the luscious dessert recipes she reveals at the end of each chapter. Retirement looms just over the horizon for Melody and she wants to prove there’s a little libido left in the tank, but the cast of characters who answer her Internet ad seem ready for the junk yard. That is, until Sykikman shows up. Or is it Santaman? She gets her cyber suitors mixed up and almost throws in the towel before Pete of the dazzling blue eyes, shoulders that would hold up the Empire State Building and a block long Mercedes shows up. But it’s been a long, lonely decade since Melody played the singles game. Sure, she can fit into size two jeans again, and she still rocks a mean Grand Marnier soufflé.

But the rules have changed she last went stepping out. Maybe her sixty is the new forty.

But is that enough to keep a man about town interested? Pete has the wherewithal to jet Melody away for romantic weekends, but when he isn’t careful, he shows he’s a diamond in the rough.

Maybe his edges are too rough for Melody’s refined tastes. Yet, those blue eyes, that sensitive nature reel her in again and again until she oversteps her bounds and it all seems to blow away on the wind. Can Melody salvage her last chance at love? Will Pete come back to earth and realize the sweet treasure he has in Melody? How can he resist those cakes and pies and cookies? Can you? I mean, seriously? They’re all here in Book 2 of A Sweet Romance. Pick up your copy right now.