Deception (Lying to Myself Book 1)

Deception (Lying to Myself Book 1)
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August 4th 2017

Bria wanted it all, or at least that’s what she told herself. She followed her best friend Dax to a quiet Florida town, where he promised they would start over and find a better life. But his idea of heaven is her hell. And no matter how hard she tries to be normal, she still prefers her old life shrouded in darkness. A fun night out celebrating leads to the wrong side of the tracks where she meets bad boy Jaden. From the moment they met she knew he was trouble. Not to mention sexy and completely captivating.

How can one person make you want to punch him in the jaw one second and kiss him the next? Soon she realizes Jaden’s hiding dark secrets too. Secrets that dance dangerously close to exposing hers. Can she keep up her ruse of being an average girl, or will her new life come to a screeching halt when she discovers the threats lurking in the shadows? She thought being normal would be so easy, but everyday life grows more complicated. It’s time for her to decide if she wants to keep living Dax’s ideal life or return to the life she was born to dominate.