Marco Hietala - Stainless

Marco Hietala - Stainless
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October 2017 by Docendo

The Pioneer's Rude Story of Finnish Iron Metal. Marco is the bassist-soloist of Nightwish's most internationally successful band in Finland. As the founder of the legendary Tarot band, he has lived a really haunting rock'n'roll youth in Finland and around the world. Youth, which included such scattered hotel rooms as well as gigs and recordings. The back side of the story has been the feeling of outsider, depression and alcoholism. With his perseverance Marco has translated his sensitivity into the resource and his life from "the rich to the riches". A person in the picture Marcosta is very familiar with familiar names. Kirka, Sleepy Sleepers, Iron Maiden and Tony Iommi are examples of people and bands with whom Marco's path meets. The book also includes a profound reflection on various institutions, The human race and the present state of the world. Author Timo Kangasluoma writes in his own words only such pictures and biographies that matter! He is interested in complex and open people who dare to speak of both their strengths and weaknesses.