A Supernatural Experience

A Supernatural Experience
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March 12th 2011 by Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Adult Playgrounds Aren’t Always Fun and Games...

Klark Lucard, Zander Dante, and Kemper Keetes are the vampire-owners of “The Adult Experience”, a slave camp they operate as a front for their truer motive—a means to find their blood supplier. When Macie Jenson arrives at their camp, the dashing vampires are taken aback by an attractive woman they feel they’re destined to love.

Within hours of her arrival, Macie is introduced to Domination and submission, apparent terms of a contract she signed but failed to read. As the consuming fires of lust quickly collide with a fated and quite forbidden love, the camp owners are plagued by a new discovery.

Realizing Macie once belonged to a coveted guarded vampire league, Klark, Zander, and Kemper are forced to cut their losses. In an effort to protect her, the camp owners ask Macie to leave. On the spur of the moment, Macie takes a leap of faith. And her immortality lies in the hands of those who aren’t sure they can ever really save her.