Highlander Love

Highlander Love
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April 13th 2015

Ana hasn’t used her magic since her mother’s death but after being stood up for the third time, she decides it’s time to break her magic free lifestyle. Luckily for her she decides to call her soul mate to her on one of the most powerful Wiccan days of the year. There is no way Ana can fail. Her magic is alive and strong as she casts the spell to bring her soul mate to her. The only thing is ,she doesn’t know what to expect. But she finds a Highlander from Ireland and his sweet words and undeniable desire for her has Ana on the brink of pure joy. Only before they can form their bond, her Highlander falls unconscious because of the spell. Ana panics but after gaining more confidence in her magic she calls for help from the one person she trusts more than anyone.

Aiden is a Highlander from the past. He isn’t sure how or why he was brought to the new world, but he finds he can’t complain. The woman who called for him is beautiful and he finds himself unable to resist her. All he wants to do is be with her in every way no matter what the cost. There is only 36 hours to complete their bond or Aiden will disappear forever. Will she tell him the truth with the chance of losing him forever and will Aiden come to believe she is worth everything else he will lose? Warning This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire.

For adult eyes only!!!