Master of the Hunt

Master of the Hunt
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Master of the Hunt When the oracle warns Prince Aeson that his future mate is in the human realm and is in great danger, he wastes no time going in search of her. Problem is, he has no idea who he's looking for. He's never met her and the oracle couldn't give him anything more than small clues as to who she is and where she might be. Sent to one of his favorite hangouts--a sex club--Aeson is stunned when a beauty shows up on the arm of another man, a man void of emotion. He senses trouble surrounding her and something else--something that marks her as his. He doesn't care if she is or isn't the woman the oracle told him about, she's the woman he wants. Anyone who dares to stand in his way will feel his wrath and, before the night is out, she'll feel exactly what it's like to be taken by a prince. WARNING: This novella contains hot, explicit sex and violence, dominant alpha bird shifting males who think they're always right, even when they're dead wrong and a woman who isn't about to stand by and let them boss her around. Est page count 97. This novel contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences only. Must be 18 years or older to read. King of Prey Series: King of Prey ASIN: B0012JSB9A A View to a Kill ASIN: B000UMZMME Master of the Hunt ASIN: B005WKFWRE Rise of the King ASIN: B00AGABHRO Prince of Pleasure Prince of Flight If you enjoyed King of Prey Series by Mandy M Roth, please try Project Exorcism, Immortal Ops, Sacred Places or Gypsy Nights all by Mandy as well. *The Raven Books titles have complimentary material at the end in the form of excerpts and blurbs from select other Raven Book titles. These are provided at no extra cost to you. In an effort to keep marketing costs down, we do cross promote titles within this complimentary section and these savings are always passed on to you, the reader. We work hard to keep our prices fair and to provide books you love. We hope you enjoy the title and the additional material provided free at the end. Thank you for reading The Raven Books.