Tis the season...

Tis the season...
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December 8th 2017

After a month of quiet and calm, Alex Hope is feeling restored. With no visions, dreams or psychic ability bothering her, she wonders if things have finally settled down. With Jess at her side, she is feeling happy, in love and content with life.

No sooner has she finally relaxed when a heinous crime is committed. Alex is immediately thrown into a new case. Women are being abducted, raped, hunted and then tortured and Alex is feeling desperate to save them. Alex is dejected when the first woman she tries to save dies.

It happens again and again and Alex starts to doubt her gift-and wonders if she is actually helping the police at all. As Alex inches closer to the truth behind the killings, she finds a link to Christmas which has been overlooked. Realisation of what connects the victims leads Alex to an evil killer-and a lifetime of murders unravels. As Alex solves the crime and wraps up the case, terrible news rocks her already-unsteady world. Jess’s brother has escaped from prison and a vision shows her the awful truth-he plans to exact his revenge. He wants to kill Jess. Immediately, the team begin the search for Jamie Love, but when Jess is abducted, Alex panics. Unable to ‘connect’ with Jess, she fears the worst. Is Jess dead or can she save her? Find out in…Tis the season.