Agonal Breath

Agonal Breath
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October 1st 2015

High up in the lonely Rocky Mountains of Colorado stands the crumbling ruin of Long Brook Sanatorium. The last living patient may have left decades ago, but the rest ghosts of those who died there have remained behind, trapped between worlds in this remote and forgotten place. Fourteen year-old Danny Chill is a Deadseer. Gifted – some would say cursed – with the ability to see into those planes of existence which lie just beyond our own and communicate with their inhabitants, Danny is reluctantly drawn to the long-abandoned sanatorium. As night falls and the spirits of the dead prowl the haunted rooms and corridors once more, Danny and his friends find themselves in a race against time to uncover the truth. Who is the demented surgeon that once experimented upon thousands of help patients in the operating room? What binds their tormented souls to this place, never to find eternal peace? And just what name horrors lurk in the darkness of the basement? In his quest to find answers and lift the curse of Long Brook once and for all, the Deadseer will clash with a malevolent supernatural force that is prepared to fight to the death…and beyond.