Ninety-Nine and a Half Just Won't Do

Ninety-Nine and a Half Just Won't Do
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November 1st 2007 by Urban Books

Ever since she can remember, Genesis Taylor always settled for second best. Now as her twenty-eighth birthday approaches, she makes the decision to live up to her name and give herself a new beginning.

When she decides to purchase a degree from an online vendor, a whole new world opens up to her, changing her lifestyle and her mentality. She soon develops her own creed, 99 1/2 just won't do . . . why settle for . Equipped with years of industry experience and job knowledge, she easily aces an interview for Managing Director. With her new job, and salary that come with it, Genesis packs her bags and moves from her public housing neighborhood into a gated condo community, where she leases the perfect home for herself. By this time, realizes how trivial and superficial she'd been. She learns the hard way that everyone, including herself, falls short of perfection. Her shame becomes more prevalent and she enrolls herself in an online course of study, she rightfully earns her degree, regains her self-respect, and embraces her man, accepting both his strengths and his flaws.