Stella-Nylum (The Rinthyne Chronicles Book 1)

Stella-Nylum (The Rinthyne Chronicles Book 1)
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May 14th 2016

What should've been a typical night at the local mall for Rory Emerson and her two best friends proved to be anything but when their city became host to a grim, foreboding ship suspended in their sky. With the town being invaded Rory gets captured and wakes alone behind unfamiliar bars. After discovering the dark haired, mysterious boy locked up next to her named Parker, she learns that she's been abducted onto the ship that still remained above her home. In a race against time Parker and Rory team together to break out and get her back on Earth before its too late or else she'll discover the true reason the ships ruth leader Heath took her.

But can Rory truly trust Parker? Despite his alluring eyes and knack for saving Rory, she was still unsure whether he was even human. Without a choice Rory will do whatever it takes to get back to her family and friends. Even if that means ignoring the new truths she's learned while upon the ship that make her question everything she thought she knew.