Forbidden Desire

Forbidden Desire
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June 12th 2012

The Brethren pirate’s saga continues with sea battles, steamy love scenes and tearful laughter in the next chapter of these brave southern patriot heroes. The sinfully handsome Devon Cutter is the only son of the most dreaded of all pirates, Blackheart. The very sound of Devon’s name Cutthroat Cutter places bone crushing fear in Atlantic sailors. He loves and thrives in his world of piracy identical to his father. In a moment of weakness Cutthroat saves a damsel in distress after a decisive sea battle. He can’t for the life of him figure out why he acted so foolishly. Louanne McKay is now a festering thorn in his side the moment she stepped foot onto The Star Dancer. No one has ever bested her with a sword, not even one of her five brothers.

Losing for the first time was a bitter pill to swallow, even though it convinced Cutter she was not leaving his company abruptly like first thought. The Savannah Bell blatantly crosses swords with the arrogant rogue when he unwisely orders the mouthy female thrown off his ship while out at sea. The sword welding wench displayed more skill and brass than half his crew. The question was what to do with her? Disowned by her family Louanne is left with no home or recourse. The hardened pirate refuses to surrender her to his sworn enemy an English lord she unwillingly was betrothed to marry. His nightmare was only beginning when Louanne seizes her own destiny during a sea battle and claimed the right to Captain her own ship.