Walking on Ice: An American Businessman in Russia

Walking on Ice: An American Businessman in Russia
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September 22nd 2007 by Outskirts Press

Everything is difficult and everything is possible! "Walking on Ice is MANDATORY reading for all who contemplate a tour of duty whether government or business in Russia or who have worked there... it brings back memories and reality...one cannot put it down. With insight, understanding, and a rare degree of humor, Fred Andresen tells us about working with the Russians." Richard Weden, General Director, American Express Russia. 1995 to 2004 "What Andresen has written is romantic and accurate and nostalgic and prophetic and all of the wonderful and confusing and simple things we 'veterans' know Russia to be. It is a story that resonates with any of us living through this dramatic and productive era." Kevin Cuffe, Vice President/Managing Director, SOVINTEL / Golden Telecom, Moscow "Walking on Ice is of real interest to the casual reader as well of great value to those looking to make their own mark in the world of Russian business. The book gives valuable insights from one of the real pioneers." Peter Charow, Founder and first president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, presently British Petroleum Regional Director for Russia, CIS and Turkey. "Andresen conveys the texture and flavor of what we Westerners find in Russia.

It paints a picture of the Russian 'Soul' at a time when young and old were and are adapting to enormous change. It is a fun and humorous read that carries with it some valuable ons. I recommend it to anyone interested in understanding today's Russia." William T.

Potvin, Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche, Russia, 1990 - 1996