Staunton Valley Box Set

Staunton Valley Box Set
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December 20th 2017

Enjoy the tales of the Staunton Valley Pack. In this box set, you will be receiving all FOUR books of the series. Are you ready for some hot and steamy romance involving some even hotter Alphas and Omegas? 1. Omega Saved and Claimed Ryker is poised to become Prime Alpha of the Staynton Valley Pack, taking over from his father.

But Ryker’s sexuality concerned his pack. Because he preferred sex with men his pack questioned whether he could take a female mate and perpetuate his line.

Raised in foster care, Toby aged out and found himself on the streets, unprepared for the real world. He was however, about to enter a program that would house and feed him while he learned a trade. This bit of hope was dashed when he was kidnapped by a gang of werewolf shifters, whose Alpha planned on selling him to the highest bidder. The cruel Alpha didn’t hesitate to tell him why. Toby was a rare omega wolf and coming into heat he was an irresistible draw to any Alpha wolf. Moreover, Toby would want to mate with an Alpha regard of the consequences. He dreads his future until a young Alpha comes into the bar who literally steals him from his fate. Can Toby and Ryker can outrun the abusive Alpha while navigating the tricky territory of Toby’s heat. And can they do so without altering both lives inexorably? 2. Omega's Scent Taylor Harris was a Varsity football player.

With a ball player’s hard-muscle body, blond hair and blue eyes, he was the typical all American. But Taylor had a secret and it was that he wasn’t a man at all. Austin Greene was a gay man who worked long and hard to get admitted as an architecture student at Hudson Bay College. Raised by a financially struggling single father, Austin took after-school jobs and summer jobs to raise money for tuition to college. When he got to Hudson Bay he was dismayed to be paired with ultra-masculine Taylor Harris as a roommate.

But other shifters on campus had have their eye on Austin too, and had an entirely another purpose in mind for him. Can Taylor protect the young shifter from those that would do him harm? And can they navigate the tricky relationship between a shifter who knows what he wants and a shifter who doesn’t know who he is? 3. Omega Hunted Wolf Macklin returned from war whole in body but scared in mind and soul. An orphan he had no family on which to turn to. But he settled in the town in which he grew up, and cobbled together a life and learned a new job while he fought the demons of his past. Eric was a street punk, an Omega wolf raised in a pack isolated from the shifter community. Shunned by his Alpha father for being an Omega he was forced to fend for himself on the streets. Only life was hard for an Omega since he was smaller than other shifters. But he had Trick, another shifter without a pack and together they survived. But things changed radically when Trick proposed stealing wallets for money, and Eric was designated thief. But things didn’t work out as planned and Eric was cornered by a very angry and handsome Alpha shifter who didn’t seem to know what he was. 4. Omega Rescued Kyle is an abused Omega wolf shifter who finds rescue with the Gaitlin River Pack. But he finds his new freedom-filled world challenging. . Fated mates were a fairytale in Kyle's mind. But Kyle won’t share the details of his former life because he has to keep his true mission secret.

Otherwise an innocent would suffer. Matthew “Griff” Griffin did what few shifters have.

He trained in a human-dominated profession —psychology.