Win for Love

Win for Love
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September 2016 by I K Peterson LLC

Crystal Jameson has always had bad luck. From where she lived, to her family, and the boyfriends she's had, it seemed that Crystal couldn't get a break. When she finds a $10 bill, she decides to buy a "Win for Life" scratch off lottery ticket where the winnings would be $5,000 a week for life. She wins.

Using this opportunity, she breaks out of her southern Illinois address and heads to Chicago. There she meets David "Waters". David Waterston is the golden son of the "Famous Waterston family" in Chicago. Deep pockets, political connections, and as Chicago's Most Eligible Bachelor, every available debutant wants to marry David. But David is...selective. Married and burned once before, he doesn't want someone who only sees his money. When he meets Crystal, or "Talia", as she now calls herself, David hides his own last name - calling himself David "Waters" because everyone knows the Waterstons... and they know his wealth. Imagine his surprise meeting Talia who has no idea who he is. She keeps her winnings quiet, he keeps his wealth secret. Can they learn to trust one another? Will the past damage them? Will money come between them?