Evan & the Land of Letin: A Heart Afire (#1)

Evan & the Land of Letin: A Heart Afire (#1)
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October 8th 2015 by Jared T.L.C.

Teens that still secretly yearn for alternate lives in the lands of Oz or Narnia must read Evan & the Land of Letin: A Heart Afire. This first installment in a fresh new series is contemporary take on classic otherworld tales. But, instead of the expected adolescent leading our way through a new world, we have Evan Transce, a complex protagonist like Dorothy Gale and more like Holden Caulfield and Charlie the Wallflower. Evan is months away from graduating high school when he witnesses his grandparents die by way of a vanishing, seemingly sentient flame. On top of balancing social and school stresses, Evan now begins to question the validity and reality of everything around him. Despite logic and reasoning, Evan knows one thing for certain – the fire is now his foe. Lured by a watery reflection that isn’t his, Evan soon finds himself in a dark and dying land. Memories of his life before quickly fade, but on the horizon, a Great Fire has overtaken the sea. Something deep in Evan tells him this is the same flame from his suppressed past.

Guided by a bodi voice, Evan faces off against a monstrous flying cat, a decomposing warlock, and a nature-wielding witch, before being rescued by powerful elphs who whisk him to their kingdom above. With Evan’s help, the elphs aim to discover a limit life source, said to destroy the Great Fire…