Shadows of Illusion

Shadows of Illusion
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June 2nd 2013

Sent by the royal jester of Dhanen'Mar to uncover a suspected conspiracy, assassin Callan Ashe and thief Tishan Ravare arrive in the country of Veron and immediately find themselves drawn into a storm of political mayhem. With the king of Veron slipping closer to death at every dawn, four men vie for the hand of his eldest daughter in hopes of gaining his throne. Discovering that the man they'd come to investigate has his own personal stake in this matter, Callan and Tishan quickly begin to realize that the plots they'd hoped to unravel here in the north run far deeper than either of them had ever imagined. * Author's Note This is not a stand-alone story, and is meant to be read between Volumes 2 & 3 of the series.