Caught in the rain: The Rain series

Caught in the rain: The Rain series
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January 27th 2016

Jasmine is a young innocent living away from home for the first time while at college. She is enjoying herself with her new friends who are a bit on the wild side. The story begins at a party her friends have organised that looks like it may turn into an orgy. Jasmine excuses herself before anything happens to finish her college assignments but after leaving their party her scooter runs out of fuel and it also starts to drizzle with rain. As the rain starts to come down harder she sees a motorbike and recognises the man riding it to be the college hottie and bad boy, David. He stops and rescues her, taking her home. Jasmine invites him in for coffee but is he really a rescuer or should she have sent him away with just a thank you? This story is an erotic young adult college romance. It is not suitable for under 18s due to its mature content. The story does have a cliff-hanger ending which will leave you gasping for breath.