The Centaur of the South: Turner Ashby, Annotated and Illustrated.

The Centaur of the South: Turner Ashby, Annotated and Illustrated.
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August 16th 2013 by Booker House Publishing, Incorporated

Here is a book that the eminent Confederate chaplain, J. William Jones, who labored with the Army of Northern Virginia said, " ...should be in every library." Regrettably, biographies of men like Turner Ashby (1828-1862) are not in every library, but they should be in your library. In a day when there is a dearth of wholesome role models for youth, it is wise not to look at contemporary athletes and rock stars but to men of history--those who possessed real character--those who found succor in God rather than in a bottle, a pill, or the latest designer drug. This book chronicles the life of Turner Ashby, which provides inspirational and exciting reading for all ages. The editor, an academic historian, has provided a great deal of supplemental information including a section of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of Stonewall Jackson in which Ashby participated. This particular edition is unique in that it has many extras without taking away from the original. Roper founded Booker House Publishing, Incorporated in 2010. Although some printing of original works and re-printing of public domain books are done, the real goal is to preserve the old Southern histories and novels for the new generation of readers who use electronic reading devices. While many of these works are readily available, most are either scanned, copied, or done up by optical character recognition (OCR) devices, which make for numerous mistakes and the introduction of extra unwanted characters. Booker House publications are all re-typeset by a real person in an effort to reduce these errors.