Fire & Rain

Fire & Rain
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February 27th 2014 by M.L. Lacy Productions

As Esmeralda’s fleet of dragons grows stronger and deadlier, Madalyn devises a lethal plan that strikes at the very heart of not only Bree and her clan, but of the Halsing clan as well Bree’s powers continue to develop-but her physical strength is beginning to deteriorate, which puts her on a collision course in her battle against Esmeralda.

The untimely death of her sixth, causes Bree’s men to act quickly to ensure Bree’s circle is complete and the prophecy remains true. As the threat to the realm becomes dire, the Elders break their silence and try to aid the last Chosen One on her Path. But will they be in time? Will it be enough to defeat Esmeralda? And will Bree even allow their interference? Friendship. Loyalty, and faith are tested to the brink in the fourth book of the Chrysalis Series – Fire & Rain.