Battle Siege (The Battle Series Book 3)

Battle Siege (The Battle Series Book 3)
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July 24th 2015 by Mark Romang

When Navy SEAL Andrew Maddix left the military he thought his combat days were over. And when he died in a cave in New Zealand and entered Heaven’s gates, he assumed engaging an enemy would no longer be required of him. He was wrong.

Operating entirely in the spirit realm now, Andrew Maddix continues to go on Special Op missions. Only now his teammates are Michael the archangel and a select group of saints and angels. Sometimes Maddix assists outnumbered angels locked in combat. Other times he comes to the aid of humans persecuted by the Antichrist and his demonic troops. His latest mission will take him deep into the most hidden parts of the underworld, where an angel is being held captive by demon abductors.

This rescue mission will prove to be his most hair-raising assignment yet.

And during this covert mission Maddix will come to realize his days of battle will not end until Earth’s last day is tolled, and Satan is tossed into the Lake of Fire to burn forever.