The Anatomy of Sexual Integrity

The Anatomy of Sexual Integrity
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April 16th 2008 by Xulon Press

The Anatomy of Sexual Integrity is written for believers and Christian leaders who want to win the battle against sexual immorality and relational dysfunction. It is a practical guide offering a thoroughly biblical strategy for personal wholeness and a pathway to genuine discipleship for believers in the 21st Century. The issues addressed are universal in their impact on men, women and families throughout the world. The author uses the lives of biblical figures such as Samson, David and Joseph as a context for examining complex issues related to sexuality. Readers are encouraged to develop a personalized strategy for achieving sexual purity and marital fidelity. The Anatomy of Sexual Integrity can also be a helpful tool for Christian counselors, pastors, teachers, men's or women's ministry leaders, small group leaders, youth group leaders and disciple-makers who recognize the pervasive need to mentor people in relationship to godly sexuality. Rev. Robinson is a gifted and anointed teacher of God's Word who is passionately committed to seeing Christians walk in victory and grow to spiritual maturity. As an experienced pastoral counselor, he has been ministering to married couples, singles, adolescents and families for over twenty years. In June 1996, Rev. Robinson's contributions as an educator were recognized by the Board of Regents and he was named the 1997 New York State Teacher of the Year. Rev. Robinson has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Master of Arts in Science Education from NYU and two theological degrees from Alliance Theological Seminary. Since 1999, he has been the missions pastor of Bethel Gospel Assembly. He also gives oversight to the Married Couples Ministry and to Brother to Brother Men's Ministry. Rev. Robinson and his wife, Beverly, reside in New York City with their two children, Michelle and David.