Soldier's Girl: Love Story of a Para-Commando

Soldier's Girl: Love Story of a Para-Commando
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October 22nd 2017 by Petals Publishers

How does it feel to love a warrior? Die every day yet live? 'Ananya' is a fashionista. Undisputed swag queen whose life is so messed up. Caught with weed she wasn't even smoking on last day of her college and what more falls for a deadly Para Commando 'Captain Aakash' who doesn't walk but slithers from helicopters, slaughters deadly terrorists, saves innocent hostages, follows unconventional warfare and sleeps with his TAR-21 assault rifle. The Victorian streets of Kolkata witness a romance where honour and chivalry safeguard the boundaries of once in a lifetime love. But as fate conspires, Aakash abandons her after a passionate love making for surgical strikes at LOC. She sought solace in 'Captain Anant' and they sure had their fun moments. From kicking turds outside a discotheque to pester her bitchy friends but it all lasts until a horrendous war breaks out between India and Pakistan where Arjun Tanks ram Pakistani tanks, Jaguar fighter planes bomb Pok and INS Arihant captures the Karachi ports. It's brutal and heartbreaking. The miseries engulf her soul, Aakash goes missing but Anant returns. Do you believe in Cinderella stories? Do you think fairy tales exist? Do you believe true love conquers all? If not then this 'not so typical' love story is for you where brothers in arms replace Uncles and Auntyjis, the army wives replace usual women, the commandos replace the nerds, betrayal defines friendship, mum is the ocean of tears, the glittering world of Army life has layers and amidst all the chaos exist two delicate hearts bound by one thread. Live the story extraordinaire of an 'Army girlfriend'.