Ponygirl Tales

Ponygirl Tales
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October 2011 by Pink Flamingo Publications

From the author of The Master of Ironwood, The Mistress of Rosedale and many more titles comes Ponygirl Tales, a collection of short stories featuring ponygirls in all their sensuality.

In Justine’s Pride we discover Lady Ursula has cruel and torturous methods of training the stable full of girls, but is most harsh with Justine, as she is Lord Edgewater’s favorite ponygirl. Nipple clamps and whips are her devices of choice.

Blaze at the Races brings us the tale of Blaze and Randy, two gorgeous exotic dancers that have been asked to perform at a party, held by David Spaulding, a famous TV producer. The girls have no idea what’s in store when they’re led to get in their costumes for the “Horse” themed party. Romans! takes us to old-world Rome, where debauchery and deviancy reigns supreme. Marcus and Lucius attend Kimar’s gathering to watch his famous chariot races. The chariots are pulled by a glamorous assortment of beauties, all spectacular in their own way. Geoffrey, Lady Ursula’s nephew, sneaks out to the stables when he is certain no one will catch him. Flare of Passion is the story of Lady Ursula teaching Geoffrey how to properly touch and tantalize a dazzling ponygirl such as Flare, a redhead of magnificent beauty. With a finesse for description, Don Winslow is able to help the reader imagine exactly how these stunning women look in their harnesses, bits and straps of leather.